Rapid analytics development

edgeffect provides a platform and hosted environment for rapid analytic application development and deployment.
Using the edgeffect solution results in the ability to build applications to analyze data faster and at a lower cost than previously possible. edgeffect is the only solution to provide an open exchange for easily integrating analytic building blocks.

Reinventing how the world uses data

What if data analytics was an opportunity not an issue? What if you could create data analytics applications at start-up speed? That’s what edgeffect is all about. Defying the impossible and turning what if, into what can be done.

edgeffect provides analytics development tools and services enabling data scientists, domain experts and developers to create applications that answer complex questions faster and at a lower cost than previously possible. Based upon the patent pending XACT™ Data Engine, edgeffect provides the ability to easily combine almost any type of data, from almost any source, store it, analyze it, and then rapidly visualize the results. The edgeffect hosted solution allows businesses and organizations to rapidly make informed decisions. edgeffect is rapid data analytics development.

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Through XACT™, edgeffect allows you to collect and securly store data from both public and your private sources. The solution allows you to combine that data together so it can be easily analyzed. Then using drag and drop technology you can establish relationships between the various data elements and begin to build the analytics. Once run, edgeffect presents state of the art visualization software, including Python and R for the presentation of the results of your analysis.

All the features you want

edgeffect handles all the hassles of data analytics application development, perfect for anyone and any organization.
We are passionate about analytics. And we are keen that anybody should have easy access to this capability. This can include individuals, academics, businesses, data scientists, subject matter experts and developers. The list is endless.