edgeffect empowers you to place analytics first and get the answers you need

It dramatically reduces your time spent on source identification, curation, fusion, cleansing data and interpretation of results.

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Sample Applications

The following applications were created using edgeffect.

Hero 2 Jobs™

The Hero 2 Jobs [H2J] application is designed to help veterans, both able and disabled, find jobs on leaving the military and for the rest of their lives, for free. The application is designed to produce an individualized job profile, which is quickly created from given equivalent civilian job titles from a respective entered Military Occupational Code or Specialty [MOC/S]. These are then combined with individually selected competencies, to produce a complete job profile.

Once created, this Job Profile is mapped directly to relevant jobs, as advertised on LinkedIn, and yet without the user being registered. This is important as 80% of the military are not members. The search can be at a location of their choosing by ZIP code, and radius of action. It takes a guest user a matter of seconds to complete this search. This process is individual in nature and we refer to this as H2J ‘smart job searching’.

To create the App, data was imported from a form the veteran completes and from LinkedIn through an API. The edgeffect XACT™ Technology was used to connect the elements of the data path to one another and to create the logic. The analytics created are used against LinkedIn data creating the match results.


SocialyzeNow is one of edgeffect’s entry-level apps. It is suitable for use by anyone who is trying to make sense of what is trending or not, as the case may be, and why, in Twitter and in this first release, specifically where.

This App allows you to search the Twitter data base in real time for key words, phrases and other criteria e.g. sentiment, while matching against a geographical map of the US.

SocialyzeNow applies edgeffect’s XACT technology and open Python and R analytics to produce maps, tables, graphs, tailored to you; so you can instantly see what is trending live, where the tweets are being generated, and how significant the concentration is, at a particular place and time.

SocialyzeNow saves what you’ve asked of it before and allows you to repeat your search or run a new one that is more precisely targeted. As SocialyzeNow learns your history, it is better able to find, filter, and display results specifically for you.